About us

Osé is a luxe, non-seasonal ready-to-wear brand with a contemporary feminine aesthetic that is derived from streetwear and caters to the modern woman.

Osé was created to give birth to a community of strong, empowered women, who embrace self-love and adventure. We’ve designed each style to add a little something to your wardrobe while encouraging conscious consumption. Our garments are handmade with love and finished with delicate details like bows, drawstrings, embroidery, and raw edges.

Our clothes are inspired by our teenage movie idols - from Elle Woods in Legally Blonde to the ever vivacious Poo in K3G, we’ve always looked up to women who defy social constraints and inspire us to be our best authentic selves. Through Osé, we want to inspire women to be confident in their skin.



Nishika Bhagat & Twishaa Bhagat